WACC Softball League Rules

National Federation Rule Book, as modified by the CIF, NCS, and WACC shall be the official rules of the WACC.
  • The ten run rule is in effect (after five innings).
  • The international tie breaker shall be used in the 10th inning.
  • The official NCS softball shall be used for league games. (Dudley CFP 12Y - as of 2018).  
  • The pitcher, first base, and third base must wear a "game face" or other protective head gear.
  • There shall be no pregame hitting except for whiffle ball or soft toss by either team 60 minutes before the scheduled starting time of a league contest.
  • JV ONLY: Seven innings or two hour time limit is in effect.
  • JV ONLY: Nine batters maximum per inning (for all innings). The inning ends automatically at the conclusion of the ninth batter's at bat.
  • VARSITY ONLY: Protest Procedure (to be evaluated after the 2018 season)
    • Each varsity coach shall be allowed one formal protest during each LEAGUE GAME. (League Games Only)
    • A protest may only involve alleged misinterpretations of NFHS rules and must occur immediately after the action/call by the umpires. (before the next legal or illegal pitch)
    • The protesting coach shall have a reasonable amount of time to verbally indicate the alleged misinterpretation of the NHFS rule. The opposing coach shall also have time to make his/her case.
    • The umpires shall make a decision which shall be final. If the rule book is used (as requested by a coach) the protest shall be considered formal.
    • If a formal protest is upheld the protesting coach shall be allowed another formal protest during the game.
    • Further argument by either coach after the decision is reached by the umpires shall cause that coach to be restricted to his/her dugout.

Complete WACC Rules Can Be Found Here

Last Updated September 2018